Kevin Fuentes


My name is Kevin Ottoniel Fuentes Ipiña. 

My family comes from a small border town in Guatemala  called “Tecun Uman.” At the age of 21 my parents made a dangerous immigration into Los Angeles, California during a time where not many Latino/Hispanics were seen. They tell me countless stories of the multiple jobs they had to work, the late nights, to survive the new world they have jumped into. Without them my story and inspiration would not be strong enough, without them, I would not be here. 

    On December 30, 1995 I was born in Los Angeles,California. Not long after we had made the drastic move from the west coast to the east, our destination Atlanta, Georgia. 

    My father would tell me stories about my uncle at the Santa Monica pier and how he made his money photographing people with a 5x7 camera. I had always been fascinated with this idea, the capturing of moment and it living forever as long as the photograph was there. 



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