Design Intern

We are looking for a knowledgeable, passionate Designer intern to join our growing agency. We are looking for applicants with at least one year of professional design experience and with a strong understanding of design and branding principles. Applicants interested in growing into a role of a Full-Time Designer position would be a great fit for this position.

The applicant must have experience in both web and print media, and a willingness to learn in general. You must be able to create content and execute ideas for new brand designs and establish style guides while working with our creative director.

Skills required:

  • One year of professional design experience is required

  • Proficient in Adobe Suite

  • Display an understanding of design principles

  • Display the ability to create style guides

  • Strong verbal and communication skills

  • Display leadership qualities / ability to move into a leadership role


  • Work with creative director and the rest of the team

  • Create and execute campaigns

  • Create digital user experiences

  • Create vector graphics

  • Knowledge of CMS’s such as Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify

About Us:

We are a full service advertising agency specializing in branding start­ups and small businesses. We are a visually driven agency filled with artists, designers, and content creators. We create quick and high quality content for new age media and marketing strategies.

As the world becomes more social and digital, we help our client’s navigate the ever evolving media channels to reach their target audience. We employ pragmatism and long term thought along with creative problem solving every step of the way to create a long sustaining brands.

Please send required documents to